Larry Gillis

Swampgrass Band

 As seen on the highly acclaimed RFD-TV network show "The Cumberland Highlanders", Larry Gillis and the Swampgrass Band gives fans one of the most energetic performances on stage, leaving them with a lasting impression few ever forget. A world renowned banjo picker and once one half of the legendary Gillis Brothers, Larry continues his career in bluegrass, entertaining audiences world wide. 2018 marks thirty eight years of traditional, hard driving music style he has originated from the deep south and also one of the few who still plays the old claw hammer banjo. Joining him on stage at this years Chasco Fiesta will be Alex Leach, who once was a major part of the Swampgrass Band, and can push Larry into over-drive that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Always maintaining a sharp professional appearance, complete with colorful rhinestone suits and cowboy hats, The Kody Norris Show gives a bluegrass fan one of the most solid, entertaining and animated performances they will ever experience. The performances of The Kody Norris Show are reminiscent of traditional bluegrass artists, yet Kody brings his own special, distinct flair to the music. The band works regularly on the Cumberland Highlanders Show, a weekly Bluegrass Program on the nationally acclaimed RFD-TV network. From the first note, The Kody Norris Show will fully captivate your attention and make you laugh, cry, and stomp your feet all in one performance. 

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Seating is provided• No Coolers • No Golf Carts

When:  Tuesday March 13 , 2018 • Time: 6:00 p.m. -10:30 p.m. • Where:  Sims Park • Category:  Music

Bluegrass in the Park

2018 Chasco Fiesta Bluegrass in the Park Presents:

6:00 pm      The Kody Norris Show

7:00 pm       Larry Gillis and the Swampgrass Band

8:00 pm       The Kody Norris Show

9:00 pm        Larry Gillis and the Swampgrass Band