The JOY FM Family Night

Friday, March 24, 2017  6:00pm-10:30pm 

Seating is provided • No Coolers • No Golf Carts 

Stars Go Dim

Sometimes, the decision to stop…starts everything.

It’s exactly the situation Chris Cleveland found himself in when the previous iteration of his band Stars Go Dim came to a close. What started out as a simple side project became a successful recording and touring entity, even while Cleveland maintained his “day job” working at a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Yet as the original SGD began to fade, everyday life became more and more integrated into Cleveland’s reality – marriage, two kids, a steady job, a sense of contentment. He knew that music would always be a part of his life, but in the stillness of the moment, when touring was no longer his career, Cleveland was more able to get focused on the role music would have in his life moving forward.

And that’s when everything started.

Overflow Worship

Overflow Worship is a collective of worship leaders throughout the ministry of Word of Life Fellowship. Our heartbeat is to write songs for The Church, and for The Lost. We want our songs to hit the depths of the struggles in this world and yet point people to the hope found in our marvelous Savior, Jesus Christ. 

The band chose its name from a simple truth; our worship to the Lord should be an overflow of our relationship with Him. That is a choice to glory in the love and work of Jesus every single day. It's that fellowship with Him that causes the presence and character of God to pour out of our lives from the overflow of His goodness and love. 

Singing songs of praise to the King isn't an act of leading people somewhere. Instead, we are inviting others to join us where we already are; fellowshipping in the sweet presence of Jesus!

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We Are Messengers

Darren Mulligan left his native Ireland in 2003 to chase a life built on selfish ambition, temporary pleasure and fleeting fame. God had other plans for him. Now leaving Ireland a second time, the man he is today stands in stark contrast to his sordid and troubled past. Darren’s personal testimony and the music of We Are Messengers are a beacon of hope for all.

“We see ourselves as messengers carrying the good news,” says Mulligan. “We’re just carrying His message from our hearts up into our mouths and out into our hands. God’s given us something to say through words and songs and through our lives. We ask the same question every day, ‘What is God saying? What opportunity is God bringing?’”

This hasn’t always been Mulligan’s desire. His personal history before meeting Christ is colored by selfishness, depravity and desperation. A self-taught guitarist, Mulligan’s love affair with music began when he received a guitar from his parents for Christmas when he was 13. Although he grew up in Ireland, it was American music that shaped his formative years as he listened to everything from Elvis and Johnny Cash to Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana. Though he came from a respected, hardworking blue-collar family, Mulligan strayed from his upbringing early on. “I became this really wretched, selfish, horrible human being,” he admits. “I just wanted to take from everybody.”

When he was 19, a chance encounter on an Irish street introduced Darren to his future wife, Heidi, who was just 17 at the time. The two quickly fell in love and were inseparable for the next few years. However, Darren soon abandoned Heidi in favor of a rock star lifestyle in America, chasing money and fame. As a guitarist for a heavy rock band, Mulligan toured the country while his life spiraled out of control.

It was during this time that he received a phone call from Heidi, who told him she had become a Christian. “I hated the thought of her being happy; because she sounded happy, while I was miserable,”Mulligan remembers. Shortly thereafter, he decided to leave the band, move back to Ireland and ask her to marry him. Despite the fact that he had no job, no education and no prospects, Heidi said, “yes,” and unbeknownst to Mulligan, she began praying daily for her future husband’s salvation.
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