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  Forming a dragon boat team is easy! 

All it takes is 10 people, all fitness levels, ages 14 and older! Gather up friends, family, neighbors or coworkers - and you have yourself a team and a lot of fun with this unique activity! 

Included in your team registration is a practice session where we will show you how to paddle and race.  Practice sessions and race day include all of the necessary equipment such as a boat, paddles, life vests, a drum and a steers person/coach.  

For the first time, Dragon Boating is coming to the 
​Chasco Fiesta in New Port Richey, Fl. 

High Five Dragon Boat has partnered with Chasco Fiesta to bring you Dragon Boat races on Saturday, April 4, 2020!! 

This inaugural Dragon Boat Race will take place at Sims Park in New Port Richey and is benefiting local not for profit organizations.

What it looks like- Watch this fun video​

Executive Director:

Patty Deremer


​With a history of more than 2,500 years, the sport of dragon boating originated in ancient China.  The legends include warring states, radical politics and fierce loyalty and passion written poetically by one man - Qu Yuan.  This man was exiled from the land that he loved, and in turn committed suicide in the Miluo River in a final form of protest against the corruption of his era.  During an attempt to save Qu Yuan, the locals took to the river in their fishing boats, splashing their paddles to keep the water demons and evil spirits away.

Modern day dragon boating has few elements to this ancient tale remaining.  However, it has evolved into a worldwide competitive sport, bringing together millions across the globe annually.  Festivals with traditional Asian flare and culture are commonplace alongside a dragon boat race in recent years.  High level competitions have also been organized since the mid 1970s.  

But the sport's growth has been most commonly found at the grassroots level.Dragon boating has become an extremely popular vehicle for fundraising, and tool for corporate team building.Local communities combine these two concepts to breath new life into their waterfront areas, and to stimulate their local economy.

Teams are formed with 18-25 people from all walks of life. Any age, size, ability and gender can learn to paddle on a dragon boat team.  20 paddlers are seated in 10 rows of 2 with a drummer sitting in the bow, facing the paddlers. The paddler's job is to paddle in unison with the entire team. The drummer's job is to beat the drum in sync with the paddlers and to motivate their team to the finish line. A steersperson (provided by the festival) stands in the stern of the boat, guiding the boat straight down the race course with a 10-foot oar.

2020 Dragon Boat Races


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